Extreme Makeover Tips for Male Attorneys

 Extreme Makeover Tips for Male Attorneys



This article explains why male attorneys often need an extreme makeover. It also tells you how such a makeover can improve your professional image.


Male attorneys almost never ps3 エミュ  consider a male makeover or an extreme makeover. This is because men usually think a makeover is only for women. Unfortunately, this common misunderstanding means that most male attorneys are avoiding something that can provide significant advantages for their career.

An extreme makeover is not solely the province of females. Men can use makeovers too, even though the word has feminine connotations. In fact, the most powerful and influential men are the ones getting help from image consultants. For example, the president of the United States, top Hollywood actors, and successful politicians all get makeovers and use image consultants. Why deny yourself the advantages these individuals enjoy?

The first step for a male attorney is getting over his aversion to the word “makeover.” Don’t let a mere word frighten you off! If you consider that James Bond had a makeover in Thunderball, and that Muhammad Ali used to receive makeovers from his trainer, it might help you appreciate the fact that using an image consultant is actually something the alpha male does even more than his underlings.


An extreme makeover will begin by disabusing you of the mistaken belief that you can get a good haircut in a unisex salon or mall. Only a barber can give you the kind of haircut you need. A trained barber knows how to cut the hair around your ears. He’ll also shave your neck. Remember, your hair is the first thing people notice, so a good haircut is essential. An experienced image consultant always has a barber he can recommend, and the funny thing is you’ll probably pay the barber less than the person who’s cutting your hair now.



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