Brief Summary of Greek Gods  

 Brief Summary of Greek Gods


In ancient times, the Greeks were very devoted to their beliefs. They were religious people who worshipped numerous gods. The majority of these gods represented Greekdagod Bio  various elements of nature. Legends and Myths of the gods and their accomplishments tend to explain the phenomenon and occurrences of winds, rains, storms, life and deaths. Some gods include, Zeus, god of the skies, Poseidon, god of the sea and Hades, god of death. Most gods were believed to live on Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Greece.

Greek gods had many human attributes and they did not set out strict rules for mortals to follow. They argued, make mistakes, and fell in love, but they did all of these things on a grand scale. Such tales are usually told into stories and myths passed down from generation to generation.

The Greeks honored their gods in detailed and complex rituals. They request the gods for their assistance or tried to soothe them. Our modern Olympic Games are based on the Greek athletic games held every four years to honor Zeus. In the early days, human sacrifices to the gods were common. Later, the Greeks used animals or food as an offering to the gods instead.

The Greeks were very cautious and superstitious when it comes to performing a significant task. To determine the best course of action, the Greeks will usually consult an oracle, which the Greeks considered a celestial being. The most well known oracle resided in Delphi. She provided information to various prominent figures regarding the best time to pass laws, initial wa




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