Sporting Events on the Sunshine Coast

Sporting Events on the Sunshine Coast Tourists taking advantage of the infamous hospitality offered by Sunshine Coast accommodation will discover to their delight that irrespective of when they visit, it’s a perfect time for relaxing or partying. Apart from having some of the best beaches in the world, this splendid area in Queensland Australia also offers visitors a chance to visit national Parks and a spectacular zoo, to name just a few of the attractions. Furthermore, Sunshine Coast is host to a number of sporting events throughout the year. Mooloolaba Triathlon Of course, because triathlons are designed to test a person’s endurance, they are essentially only for the most serious of athletes who are keen to swim, cycle, and run. If you’re a sporting enthusiast, then you should bear in mind that two major triathlons take place each year. The Mooloolaba Triathlon which has been taking place ever since 1993, is hosted in March each year, in the city of Mooloolaba, and it attracts an estimated four thousand athletes. You can be rest assured that this is no ordinary event, but instead, it lasts for three days during which time athletes from all over the world compete against each other. Apart from the triathlon itself, the event also includes a number of other festivities. Noosa Triathlon The Noosa Triathlon has the honour of being the most celebrated triathlon in Queensland, and has been taking place for the last 25 years. Furthermore, it’s also known to be the largest Olympic distance triathlon in the world, attracting more than 7,000 athletes and 40,000 spectators, meaning that it is necessary to plan ahead to secure your Sunshine Coast accommodation. Over the years, the Noosa Triathlon has morphed into a multi-sport event which even includes golfing and complementary breakfasts after the events. Those who visit during late October and early November to witness this sporting extravaganza, can expect to see numerous celebrities and well known professional athletes. Interestingly enough, the event also includes a children’s triathlon, although it isn’t competitive. PGA Championships The PGA of Australia hosts more than 400 events each year although none are bigger than the professional championships which are held in December at the Hyatt Regency Coolum. For those who are golfing enthusiasts, the event always attracts some of the top international and Australian golfers who have come to know it as being not only extremely relaxing, but also very professional. Because of the sheer popularity of this event which takes place on the Sunshine Coast, early booking is essential if you wish to take advantage of Sunshine Coast accommodation. Queensland International Rally As you may well already know, rallying is incredibly popular in Australia. Interestingly enough, the International Rally of Queensland is currently the only FIA sponsored event in Queensland, and as part of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship, the event which is held at Morcoola Beach has of course managed to attract an international audience. One of the most noticeable aspects of the event is that it affords young Australians an opportunity to enter into the World Rally Championships. Pomona King of the Mountain Festival and Race If you’re considering booking a Sunshine Coast holiday during the month of July, then you’ll be ecstatic to know that this is when the Pomona King of the Mountain Festival and Race is held. This international mountain race can only be described as being exceptionally grueling, as competitors battle it out to achieve the fastest time as they attempt to conquer the mountain. Apart from trying to conquer the mountain, this 30 year old festival also offers a wealth of activities for those that have no desire to conquer the mountain. These activities include a breakfast and poetry event which features award winning poetry from around the world, various rides, and a wealth of different attractions.

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