Discover The Top 3 Essential Bearded Dragon Care Tips

Discover The Top 3 Essential Bearded Dragon Care Tips


Bearded Dragons As Pets

You will find these little creatures make the best pets especially if you have small kids at home. best bearded dragon leash harness

With their friendly nature, inexpensive price tag, and relatively low maintenance they are becoming the most preferred exotic pets on the market. They are also easy to handle when taking them out of their tanks for feedings, bathing or just to hang out with you.

* Their Behaviors

They will also display emotions with hand waving gestures or bobbing of the head. Males will most likely display aggression towards other male reptiles. If buying two male lizards it’s best to keep them in separate tanks.

* Changing Colors

Don’t be surprised if you look up one day and your pet has changed colors. If they change to a black color they are trying to absorb heat. You will be able to tell if your pet is healthy just be observing their eating habits, activities, and color.

Best Bearded Dragon Cage Size

They will need a terrarium (Tank) any where from 50 to 70 gallons. Buying a bigger tank will save you the extra cost of buying a new tank when they become adults. You will want to give enough tank space for a basking and hiding area.

* Baby Hatchlings

For baby beardies it’s best to buy a smaller tank to allow them to catch the insects during feeding. As baby’s the insects you feed them will be fast and running all over the tank. A smaller tank will allow your pet to trap and catch his meal easily.

* Recommended Temperatures

Being that they are cold-blooded you will have to keep the temperature of their environment 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the day and 65 to 75’s degrees at night. They even have a recommended basking temperature of 100 to 115 degrees.

If you can regulate the humidity and temperature in your pet’s environment it will improve their growth and digestion system. To do this simply place a thermometer at each end of you house and check it often.

How Much Bearded Dragon Cost?


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