Evaluating the Titanium Dioxide Potential and Applications

 Evaluating the Titanium Dioxide Potential and Applications



We must stop Staph Infection in the US. Currently, nearly 300,000 people die per year in our hospitals from Staph Infections. Titanium dioxide works great to protect against germ rutile titanium dioxide  s and bacteria forming. We can coat the TV remote controls, bed rails, tables, and bed pans with Titanium Dioxide. Right now, they are using off-shoots of this methodology for self-cleaning windows, counter tops, medical devices, clean rooms, and someone even figures out a way to use it to clean teeth.

It could be used for shopping carts, park benches, pay phones, bathrooms, pens at the bank, insides of buses, car coatings, etc. Titanium Dioxide along with a scheme to use frequency in the ultra-sonic range to release the ionic bonding of dirt, particles, debris and organic waste, might be a double whammy against infectious problems in our locker rooms, schools, public restrooms and throughout our civilization.

Sometimes evaluating “Life” requires looking at the very small things too, so that the details do not throw a wrench in your complex systems. We see lots of money being spent on stopping International Terrorists, but the real terrorists might be much smaller than we could ever imagine.

We must work to stop these staph infections and the incredible number of deaths that they are causing each year. Already we have let the problem get far too big and it is clearly winning the battle. If we fail to protect ourselves from this challenge, we do so at the expense of our people and risk too many lives. It is time to take a stand and take action.



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